How I Came Across Younique

I first came across Younique because my sister Rachel had a Younique party. What is Younique makeup? It is good quality, highly pigmented make-up which is demonstrated at online parties, as well as other places. Rachels’ friends all got invited to look at the Younique page referred to by the presenter, which was Sammy Mundy. Sammy did lots of videos over the course of a few days, and although I was impressed with the make-up I thought the price was too expensive. I didn’t buy anything.

Then I found that a friend of mine was a Younique presenter and I had a chat with her. I just thought it was way too expensive and I let her know that. But she asked me how much I spent on foundation in a year. I spent maybe £30-£40 per year and I got a middle range foundation from Boots. She said the foundation would probably last me more than a year and it was £30. I started to get interested then.

I talked to a few more people about Younique; my sister was a big fan. I was also looking to do something from home, that I could make into a business. I was really looking toward next year during the fourth quarter of the year, because that is when most people spend money, coming up to Christmas. Last year I wasn’t doing much during that time and I felt like I missed out.

The presenter pack was £69 plus postage of around £5; there was lots and lots of stuff in the kit. There was also the 3D Mascara, which so many people were talking about.  Not only that; there was a eye shadow palette, an eye pencil, a lip pencil, a splash liquid lipstick, brushes, Royalty night cream, Splurge sparkly eye-shadow… the list went on and on. I will be writing reviews of all the products and linking them in here, but it will take a bit of time!

I wanted to try the mascara first, as I have tried false lashes a few times and really not got on with them so this seemed ideal. When I bought the presenter kit, I didn’t know if I would carry on selling or whether I would just “kitnap” – take the kit and use the products but not do anything with it.

I got the kit and starting using the products. The first time I used the eye shadow palette I loaded up my brush like I was using a lesser brand and immediately looked like I had a black eye – it spread so far! I really needed to use much less.  A bit of practise and I got better, trying out the make up was good fun!

I realised I wanted a try at selling the products but I am not that great at selling. But my upline – the woman I bought the kit through – assured me that I wouldn’t need to sell Younique. In fact, we are actively encouraged not to sell, just to talk about how we found the make-up. Well, that seemed simple enough to me and so I just began to talk about it to people. It took a little while to get my first sale, and then I bought some more make-up myself, because the makeup I had experienced in the kit was really good quality and it I realised it would last a long time. It’s nice to have good quality makeup and to have products that are highly pigmented, the colour is intense and you only need a small amount.

Things changed for me when I started to do my own “lives” and videos. A live is when you put on your make-up live on Facebook and everyone on your list is notified. It’s a bit more scary than a video which you can edit; a live is exactly that, live! If you want to friend me on Facebook that’s fine, it’s right here. I’m happy for you to join in my lives. People liked the lives and I began to sell products.

I am very real on my lives; I don’t put on airs and graces, it is very what you see is what you get. I talk about the products I use. I plan on doing some more videos and setting up a channel on YouTube. I think it’s great for women of a certain age to do video’s, we aren’t all gorgeous young things with tight skin and perfect nails and hair. I am very ordinary. I just show folk what I do.

So, the point of the blog is to introduce women to me, and to the brand. You might like to buy a product, you might like to become a presenter and start a business of your own. You might just like to see me try and apply make-up live on Facebook and have a chuckle. I am not a qualified beautician or anything; I just do what I do.

Either way, it’s great if you want to come back and read what I write, to get reviews of products you are thinking about. I am pretty honest and if I don’t like a product I will tell you how I feel about it. If there are drawbacks and improvements I think Younique could make I will let you know about them too. Want Younique?

If you have read this far, thank you very much. I hope you come back soon.

All the best,